Writer. Traveler. Surgical Badass.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

David Mitchell

Hi, I’m Desiree, Dez for short.

I started my first big adventure in 2015, when I left my home state of Maine, and moved to Southern Illinois, on my own, to start a career as a Surgical Physician Assistant.


I realized about two weeks into my “big girl job” that working was only a means to make money. I knew needed more in life. Whether it’s a random hike during the week, a weekend trip with my boyfriend, Dave (long distance is an experience, right?), or a longer adventure, I’m always looking for the next escape.



I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I’ve gone skydiving, bungee jumping, zip lining and driven a motorbike in Chiang Mai—as a start. Despite this, I wouldn’t really describe myself as a bucket list kind of girl, although you’ll find me using the word quite often.

My bucket list is very fluid. There are many times where I’ll hear about something cool and suddenly it’s a “bucket list”/must do item. I’m more about collecting experiences.


This blog is a one-stop shop for that collection of experiences. Here you’ll find stories about my adventures, travel products I swear by, packing tips, my love of Airbnb, and all the things I’ve learned along the way. There will be lots of humor (I find myself pretty amusing), travel #nailedit(s), and lots of mix-ups.