Did you say dinosaurs?!

Because we ended the road trip a little short yesterday, we started the trip by backtracking. I had read on roadtripper.com that we could find some giant dinosaurs hidden in southern Alabama. So off we went!

We headed back towards Foley first. The Holmes Medical Museum is a museum showcasing all of the old medical instruments used by a father and son medical team. The museum is located in the same building which functioned as a hospital on the site between 1936-1958. We saw everything from old anesthesia machines, obstetric (baby delivery…ew!) equipment, and the bedroom where one of the nurses lived. It was really cool to see instruments from the past, as well as some that hadn’t changed a bit. AND THE MUSEUM IS FREE!! We stopped at the old pharmacy next door for 50 cent coffee and continued on our way.

Next, we made our way towards Elberta where we discovered a random scattering of large fiberglass structures. Commissioned by billionaire George Barber, the structures can be found along Barber Marina Road. There are four Elberta dinosaurs, a re-creation of Stonehenge, aptly named Bamahenge, and Lady in the Lake (which can be seen at the mrina, but is not pictured here). After turning onto the marina road Bamahenge can be seen first. It is easy to see the Stegosaurus and Triceratops from the road; however, the Brontosaurus and T. Rex are more difficult to spot. While driving from Bamahenge, the T. Rex can be seen on the left if you’re looking carefully through the trees. The Brontosaurus is on the right past the other two. There is also a giant sundial, but it’s on private property.

After we left Bamahenge, we made our way towards Daphne, Alabama. First stop, TARGET!…again. We replenished our supplies and headed out in search of some scrap metal sports figurines (which is naturally where someone goes after shopping at Target.) What we were not expecting to find was the United States Sports Academy. Inside, there was a small, free sports museum, but the building is actually a college for students who want to become sport professionals (sports management, coaching, etc. ). The classes are online.

Our last stop in Alabama was at the Gator Boardwalk in Daphne. Unfortunately, it was too early/cold for gator season so we had to settle for the fake ones in the grass. 🙁

The GPS took us on the rural route towards Jackson, Mississippi. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a picnic table or rest stop anywhere along the way. We had some car snacks and made the short three-hour drive in one swoop.

Our Airbnb was located in an up and coming neighborhood in Jackson, called Fondren. The house was incredibly comfortable and the host left us a couple of dinner suggestions. This is one of my favorite things about Airbnb. It’s a great way to discover restaurants that the locals love and often places that are off the beaten path.

Since it was Taco Tuesday, we chose Babalu Tapas and Tacos. There was an hour wait so we walked across the parking lot to Brent’s Drugs, a diner. Hidden in the back (walk straight through), is The Apothecary, a cool speakeasy with dim lights and fancy drinks. The hour flew by and before we knew it we were stuffing our faces with delicious tacos and tableside guacamole.

We walked back to the house and ended another great day of travel!