“You’re going to drive from South Carolina to Texas in a week? Are you insane?!”

Dave and I have a goal to visit every state in the United States. We keep track of this with a scratch-off map. So what better way to spend his Spring Break than driving across the South?

We booked five Airbnbs, used roadtripper.com to plan our route, packed a carry-on, and set off on a great adventure. Our road trip departed from Dave’s house in Clemson, South Carolina. The plan? To stop in five different states with an ending point in Wichita Falls, Texas to visit family.

Hitting the road

Like any good road trip, our first stop was…TARGET! Whenever we travel we pack a cooler with stuff for wraps and snacks. This cuts back on fast food and gives us the opportunity to stop in parks for picnics along the way. I also picked up a selfie stick. If you know me at all…you would know I’m very anti-selfie stick. However, I’ve changed my mind. This brought me a lot of joy!

First selfie!

South Carolina

Thanks to Roadtripper, we found a bunch of really random stops along the way. The world’s largest fire hydrant and a tunnel vision mural entertained us in Columbia, South Carolina. We found a large, bright red rocking chair and beautiful cemetery at our lunch stop in Walterboro, huge elephants in a fireworks store parking lot in Hardeeville, and the smallest church in America after just crossing the border into Georgia.

Tunnel Vision wall mural, Columbia, SC
Giant elephants, Hardeeville, SC

St. Simon’s Island

We made a quick stop at Peach World and headed to our last stop before sunset at St. Simon’s lighthouse. We intended to stop at Jekyll Island, however, we chose to sleep in a little instead and put it on the calendar for another day.

The Yellow Submarine, St. Augustine, Florida

After dark we made our way to our final destination in St. Augustine, Florida. Although, he was resistant, I convinced Dave to stay in a renovated RV, aptly named “The Yellow Submarine.” We checked in, ate a late dinner at Carmelo’s, an Italian restaurant (surprisingly delicious for being attached to a gas station), and tried to get comfortable in our tiny little RV. Turns out it was a little crowded for two people…

Total miles driven: 550